CREATIVE CONTENT – the big idea

Content is everything. We can help you craft your message, words, pictures, videos, audio, and make it engaging and relevant and mix it up so your audience wants to stay tuned to you. Keep it interesting, challenging and share your companies principles and goals that matter to your audience.


Content is king –  Biggercomms can help you craft your message In a number of ways to make it engaging.

A Press release, a tag line, a major announcement or the telling of a story about provenance, artisanal products, your personality and service differentiation, or craftsmanship. Biggercomms can wordsmith the message to resonate and help initiate that response to a well presented Call To Action.

Biggercomms is all about creative ideas that stand out. Crafting a narrative that draws the audience in. Our objective is to tell a compelling story that motivates your audience.s

biggercomms consists of our own director, cameramen,

editors and animation specialist. We can create short clips for embedding in your social media and website, to larger production ads, infographics and corporate videos to introduce your company, services or products to personalise who you are to win the emotional support of your audience.

ANZ Royal Bank  Concept and content creation in media

Created a radio show called the “ANZ Business News” during drive time on Radio One where ANZ achieved extensive reach in the local market for english speaking expats and local Cambodian decision makers for their newly launched international marketing campaign message “your world your way”. An unmatched ROI and positioning the brand with young upwardly mobile Cambodians as the international Bank of choice.

BMW Cambodia – The car show

Created and launched “the car Show “ concept where BMW embraced the concept and sponsored the show allowing us to test drive their range of vehicles on air similar to ‘Top Gear’, a well known British car review show. Apart from concept creation and production of the show, we designed a social media strategy to drive traffic to the BMW website.

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